What is WorkAbility and Eco-Ability’s mission?
Our mission is to help reduce the plastic waste problem in our society and to provide supported employment for our local special needs community.


Who makes the products sold and refilled by Eco-Ability? 
All the products sold by Eco-Ability are handcrafted in the companies that complement our work and have a similar mission to us. 


What percentage of the money goes to administration and what percentage goes to charity?
All of our workers/administration volunteer their time to Eco-Ability. 100% of the money raised by Eco-Ability goes back into the nonprofit in order to generate funds/income to rent a real store to be able to provide paid supported employment for our local special needs community. Please ask us about volunteer opportunities.


What is this product made of? 
Every product is handcrafted with the best quality ingredients. Ingredient lists are found in the description of each product.

If you want find out about a certain ingredient you see in our products, you can check out The Environmental Working Group's database Skin Deep: EWG.org/SkinDeep. EWG is one of the most influential non-profits on the planet, EWG targets the causes of environmental exposures and takes on the industries and companies linked to them head on.

On this database each ingredient is rated 1 (safest) - 10. We do the research for you and make sure every ingredient is safe for the health our bodies and planet.


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us!