How it Works

The Refill Program

1. Shop

Pick your fill; select any of our all-natural home or personal care products.


2. Refill

Choose your refill container or refill pouch. If it’s your first time, we offer environment friendly bottles for sale. If you’re a returning customer or already have a sanitized bottle to fill, we offer BPA upcyled refill pouches.

If you're a local customer and can bring your bottle to us for sanitation and filling; we have the option for refills sold by the ounce, so we can skip the pouch altogether! Just add your quantity found under each product.


3. Checkout

Add to your cart, checkout, and we will process your order in 1-3 business days or get your order ready for a local-pickup!


4. Receive

If you ordered a filled container, you're all set!

If you ordered a pouch, empty the pouch into your own container.

Important: When refilling a bottle at-home, be sure to fill with the same product as before. If your container is dusty, has water or has product that is older than a year, sanitize and dry it before refilling to preserve the life of your product. This is especially important for face and skincare products to prevent the growth of mold, yeast or fungus. Learn more about how to properly sanitize below. 


5. Return

Rinse and return your pouch
Our r
efill pouches come with a pre-paid envelope to return your pouch to us once you've emptied it into your container. When we get your refill pouch back, we'll sanitize it and refill it for the next customer.

Local? Feel free to reuse your pouches on your next refill trip or return them to us to sanitize and reuse.


6. Restart the process! 



Refill FAQs

What makes your refill option zero-waste?
Our liquid refill products are mailed in BPA-free, up-cycled plastic pouches. Not only are they 93% less plastic than a plastic bottle but you will also receive an envelope that includes pre-paid postage so you can mail us your empty pouches back for us to clean, sanitize and re-fill for the next order.

We re-use and refill the pouches as many times as possible until they lose structural integrity. Once the pouch has reached the end of its' life, it is recycled into a type of plastic that is recyclable up to 10 times. 

By purchasing our refillable pouches, you eliminate a single-use bottle from the landfill. Plus, you contribute to a program looking to do away with double, triple, or even quadruple-use bottles. Each zero-waste package indicates how many bottles it has helped stamp out, and the numbers sure add up!

Our dry refill products are mailed in compostable or recyclable paper bags made from 100% recycled paper.


How can I label my own bottles? 
We recommend china wax pencils! They are water resistant but can be wiped off with a cloth and a little elbow grease when you wish to re-label them again!
If you select a bottle with your first refill order we'll label it for you for easy identification.  

What if I’m filling my own bottle from home and I don’t know the size? 
Most cosmetic or cleaning bottles are anywhere from 10-16 fluid ounces. When in doubt, you can always purchase a larger pouch and store the extra in a mason jar! (Mason Jars are 16 fluid ounces or 2 cups). 


Are refills safe and hygienic?
We take health and safety for both you and the environment seriously.

  • All products and containers are stored in a clean environment.
  • Donated containers are re-cleaned to food safety standards before they’re offered for use.
  • Containers for products that are used on the body are never cross-contaminated with products used for household cleaning.


How to Properly Sanitize

We love reusing containers, it's the reason we exist! Not only does it save bottles from landfills, it conserves the energy required for producing new bottles as well as the energy used for recycling bottles. If you're living low waste you likely have bottles piling up at home that you'd like to reuse, so we made a guide for how to do that safely.

The reason more companies don't offer refills is due to fear of contamination. Our products are plant based and while they do contain preservative systems, those preservatives are naturally derived and will only prevent yeast, mold or fungus from growing when contaminants like tap water, dust or old product residue is not present. 

Because of this, it's very important to fill only very clean and 100% dry containers especially when using natural and plant-based products for face and body like lotions and oils. When refilling with the same product or topping off, we recommend a "bottle reset" by sanitizing once a year in between refilling to preserve the life of your product for the following year.

While we encourage refilling all types of containers, glass and #5 plastics are best. Glass is not porous and is easiest to sanitize. Some plastics, on the other hand, can hold onto bacteria or mold so sanitizing can be tricky. Polypropylene containers, also known as #5 containers are the sturdiest of plastics and can be cleaned at high temperatures which make them the best plastic for refilling soaps and cleaning products. 

How to sanitize and prep containers for reuse:

  • Remove all prior residue from your container with hot water and soap or run through a dishwasher after removing all product residue.
  • Glass can be sanitized by placing in boiling water for 5 minutes. This is specifically recommended for leave-on skincare and face products.
  • For plastics, we recommend a final rinse of 120 proof (60% alcohol) everclear which helps evaporate any excess water remaining. You can also use our Hand Sanitizer for that last rinse as well.
  • Be sure your containers are completely dry before bringing them in to be filled.

How to clean pumps and tops for reuse:
      • Clear pumps and tops of all residue.
      • Rinse with 60% alcohol. For pumps, flush all product by pumping hot soap and water through until all product residue is gone. Then pump 60% alcohol  (120 proof everclear) through for at least 10 pumps. 

      If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us!